Friday, March 2, 2007

The witch of Japanese TV

Kazuko Hosoki is the most famous fortune teller of Japan. She appears almost daily on TV, normally in prime time. On Tuesdays night she has her own show Zubari wa yo (I will say it straight) in TBS. Her fame owns as much to her bold predictions on the life of the famous as to her conservative ideas, her ostentation of wealth, and her bitter and arrogant character. One of her more famous phrases is "You are going to go to hell", her weapon against those who don’t take seriously her divinations and advice. Hosoki’s methods drink from Chinese astrology and the worshiping of ancestors, a substantial part of the Japanese religion. In addition to her televised appearances, she has published more than one hundred books, of which in 2001 she had already sold more than 30 million copies, reason why she is considered the fortune seller who sells more books in the world.

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